Monday, June 04, 2007

Fun Night

Tonight I had a couple awesome and unique things happen.
Kicking and Screaming
1. I went to the AYSO Soccer Coach meeting and got my roster and the uniforms for my team. Grace and her best friend Cate are on the same team along with four other girls. This is U-5 (four year olds) soccer and should be interesting. I'm looking forward to making these girls run and work until they puke. Win at all costs!! This is what I will look like. Josh put a giant picture of this on my MySpace.
Soccer coach
2. THE DUCKS WIN!! I got to watch the third period after the coach meeting. It was so stressful and amazing. One more win and the Ducks win the Stanley Cup. It's hard to believe after being at their very first game back at the Pond all those years (and bad teams) ago. Jiggy saved the day.
Thanks to the OC Register for their amazing photos. Best photographers ever!


Brooke said...

Hearing our neighbor behind us screaming at the top of his lungs durig the whole game made Tom & I think of you... I figured you were doing the same thing!
And 4 year old girl soccer... oh my. Been there- you are going to LOVE it and yet, you've got to know: for most of them it will relly just be about the color of their uniforms and how pretty do they look in them.
Now, get ready for some interesting posts on my end as we start the 9-11 year old tackle football season... they could care less WHAT they've got on as long as there are a few tears from the other team smeared on their jerseys.

Randy Harris said...

I've been watching all of the NBA playoffs and then the shows following the game, sports center etc., and I figured the Stanley cup must be over because they never even mention hockey...

as for soccer, yes I too have some five year old soccer stories... its great, just be better than that Will Farrell movie, that was so bad it hurt my brain.

Eric Wakeling said...

that movie was horrible. I agree. I might be better than it. We'll see!

And hockey doesn't get the love it deserves. Stanley Cup hockey is ten times better than regular season and people are seriously missing out. Tension, excitement, aggression, skill, .......