Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sick again

I was home sick today and I'm getting tired of it and a bit nervous about being behind. I missed two days to prep for speaking in College Group on Thursday night and in Elevation in 10 days and for a wedding I'm doing on June 24.

I also missed:
Ryan Campbell's Rite of Passage night
Chapel that was all about Student Ministry Summer
Pastor/Director Meeting
Elevation Team Meeting
Lunch with John Norton (my elder)
Volunteering at ASF
Coffee with Cory Hovivian

I'm still not feeling good, but I might have to go to work tomorrow or else I'm screwed.


Melissa Brosch said...

boo hoo. We all know you're faking! J/k. Hope you feel better buddy. :)

Victor Estrada said...

*cough-cough* I'm sick... maybe I can get Dave to speak on thursday.

Only you could get away with that and you know it.

Missed you today... I didn't have anybody but Brent to make fun of. That sucked.

Chris Goeppner said...

feel better bro. im having knee surgery in another week so i will be laid up for a couple of days. im dreading it.

Josh said...

You didn't seem that sick to me : )