Sunday, June 10, 2007

I wore a robe today

I performed the baptisms in church today which is an amazing honor. I love sharing in these life moments with people. It also means that I wore a robe. It's pretty much the only time you will ever be required to wear a robe at Calvary Church. I liked wearing the robe. I actually think I would rather wear robes than wear a suit. A suit is so stiff. I'm not sure if I would rather wear a robe than jeans and a button-down shirt. Sometimes I have the desire to have a "uniform" as a minister so that people could come and talk to me if they have a need or concern.

This reminded me of my desire to post on clothing in church.

This link discusses what pastors should wear in the 1500s in Scotland. Plaid was bad.

Here is a quote from an article on Presbyterian dress in 1897.
Now, a word or two as to objections that are sometimes raised when plainness of dress is advocated. Some say, "Oh, if the heart is right, one’s dress does not make much difference. We should be engaged chiefly in examining our hearts." To this it may be replied that it is invariable a sure proof the heart is wrong in important respects when vain attire is indulged in, and also that in the large majority of cases it is a real sign that the heart is not right at all. No one can consistently claim credit for anxiety as to the state of his or her heart who is not equally anxious to cleanse and reform outward behaviour according to the directions of the Word of God.

This quote is funny because in my view in advocates dressing less fancy and more simply to church or to honor God. The suit or dress is more "adornment" than jeans and a button-down shirt. It also shows the side wanting to dress more fancy using the argument about focusing on the heart that I tend to use as well.

There's some people that think women should cover their heads in worship according to 1 Corinthians 11. I'm not totally sure of the contextual stuff, but it seems to have more biblical basis than a suit.

This crazy guy thinks that wearing paisley means that you are allowing demons into your life. Check the site and see how ridiculous his logic is.

People take clothing way too seriously. We'll talk more.


Laura Marie said...

I had friend make a comment a few years back about how dressing up for church can be a way of showing reverence for God. It was in the context of talking about why the priests in Leviticus had to wear such ornate robes, and his point was that it helped portray to the people how holy and set apart God is. I'm not sure how that connects to wearing suits, or dressing up for church, but I usually feel guilty being totally casual on a Sunday morning because it almost seems a sign of irreverence. I agree with your point from earlier about wanting to be comfortable and wear clothes I can, for example, kneel in. Anyway, interesting topic! I think that particularly for women the issue to be addressed is also one of modesty, but that is a whole other topic....

Brooke said...

I checked out the "paisley" guy... oh my gosh. don't you love how at the bottom of his web site it says "are you in need of any skin care products today?" after reporting on all of the doom-and-gloom and demons.
In regard to clothes in church, that is Jehovah's Witnesses logic as well; that wearing a dress or suit is showing respect for God. I think it's all good until it becomes legalism... where it becomes "wrong" to wear or not wear something. Like I had mentioned before that men were not allowed to say prayer before the congregation unless they were wearing a tie, women were not EVER allowed to pray for or in front of the congregation unless there were no 'of age' men to pray, and even then she had to have a head covering. I know they are a cult and so are not an important reference in the fact of "Oh, well Jehovah's Witnesses do this or that..." but I mentioned them for what we DO NOT want to be as Christians. I'm sure you know what I mean.
It hurts my heart when I see Christians that do not realize the true freedom that they have and start slipping toward legalism. I've been there; it's SO not cool. :o)