Friday, June 15, 2007

A Weird Week

I was home sick on Monday and Tuesday and didn't work a full day on Wednesday. Even yesterday I was still kind of out of it. I felt fine in the morning, but then my body started shutting down.

We had our Elevation Service Brainstorm Meeting yesterday and we planned a lot of things. Our fall series will be called DAVID: Pursuing the Heart of God. Not real edgy, but it communicates clearly. Our summer series is on the Holy Spirit and is a mini-series that we are calling Lost in Translation. We will have mini Lost in Translation series' between our longer series' and these will all be teachings on theological concepts that we tend to have misconceptions about for all sorts of reasons.

So after the meeting I was getting super tired and sick feeling again. I was supposed to teach in College Group, but they let me out of it. So I prepared a couple readings and worship responses for them based on the passage of Scripture I was supposed to teach. I hope it was OK.

Today, we go to the OB/GYN for Bea and they are supposed to do something to speed along the chances of her going into labor. Last Friday she was 2 centimeters dilated (sp?) and 70% effaced. We will see if there is any progress today at 10:45am. Bea and Grace have been sick too. So please pray for a healthy house for this new baby to come into.

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Jason said...

Have everybody who's teaching read "Leap Over a Wall" by Eugene Peterson.

I hope you feel better.

Happy New Baby Week.