Saturday, June 16, 2007

First Soccer Practice Today

Soccer Practice 1
We had the first soccer practice for Grace's team. I used a Cinderella doll to teach them proper form with their feet for an instep kick. That's what the pictures are of that Erin K took. It was a fun and wild time. We'll see how they do when we kick the ball off at the game. Hopefully, they will all go in the right direction. They were excited to get their pink uniforms and they named their team the pink ladybugs.
Soccer Practice 3
We are going to miss the first game because it's on Tuesday when the baby is coming. I'm disappointed to miss the first game. Hopefully everything is OK.
Soccer Practice 2


tam said...

What a great dad!!

be_a_Mary said...

You are TOO funny. What cute nuggets!