Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Only in America

There is a section in my favorite magazine, The Week, called Only in America with weird stories of people having strange demands. Check this one out.

"A woman fired by a New York law firm is suing for $33 million because she wasn't given a desk near the window. Caryl Dontfraid says she needed the window desk because she suffers from seasonal affective disorder, whose victims get depressed from a lack of sunlight during winter months, but was dismissed within hours of making the request. David Hill, Dontfraid's supervisor at Binder & Binder counters that he offered Dontfraid a desk only 3 feet from a window, but she turned it down. 'She just refused to take her workstation,' said Hill, 'What was I going to do?"

Wow, that is seriously crazy. Why does every weird preference or problem with people have to have a formal name and disorder? Seasonal Affective Disorder? I don't like it when it's too hot out. Is that this disorder?


Anonymous said...

SAD is a serious form of depression. The lack of sunlight causes brain chemicals to be all wacky. Some sufferers are prescribed a "happy light" that helps their seratonin levels. Not that I think the lawsuit has any merit, but it's a real illness.

be_a_Mary said...

33 million dollars? How was she damaged 33 million dollars? OK, loss of a years salary or benefits but 33 million? Not saying it isn't an authentic disorder (i know nothing about it), but certainly the punishment does not fit the crime.

Anonymous said...

that woman needs to go work in the arctic, where daylight hours in the winter range from 5 hours, to NO hours... sunsets can be as early as 2pm, or no sun at all, depending on how far north. do you think that those poor people CHOSE to be born there??? tell that woman to choose a career where outside sun is guaranteed... like a beach side bar in the bahamas!!