Friday, June 01, 2007

New Bloggers

At Calvary Church the blog phenomenon is catching like wildfire. There are three more that I have to report about.
1. Laura Copeland (College Intern) at
2. Luke Simpson (JH Small Group Leader, cool guy, and Josh's bro) at
3. Ryan Castillo (interviewing for JH Worship Leader job) at

Check them out.

P.S. The MySpace score is 119-119. It is now tied and considering that I had 65 yesterday, I am dominating. Plus, I have 59 pending friend requests I have put out there. It's only a matter of time.


Victor Estrada said...

What? I don't have time for all that.. I actually have a life bro. When does this end anyway? What do we win? I don't think we ever set that up. Contest ends right now. I win. Thanks!

Everyone come over and join my desk contest on my blog. You can enter here: Show your desk contest

Laura Marie said...

Why are you an acrobat?