Sunday, October 21, 2007

NYWC - Saturday Report

I forgot to say how amazing this band called Family Force 5 was. Both awesome, hilarious, and mind-blowing at the same time.
Also, Phil Wickham was unbelievable. I loved his short set. He has the most haunting, beautiful voice and I love his lyrical complexity. I have always known and listened to some Wickham, but this made me love his stuff and I want to buy his new CD.

Then, for the General Session 4 with Doug Fields.
  • Grits played which are cool and all, but I was just over it
  • They had a girl share from stage who was raised as a Compassion kid in the Philippines. She was the best part of this session. She has been able to do so much through God and the work of Compassion.
  • My only critique of the general sessions has been these weird "That's My Story" videos about a guy named Mark. They are Velveeta cheesy. The production is over the top sappy which I don't usually expect from YS. We think they might be the story of Marko's life and so I must say that it's not the story that's bad, it's the production.
  • Then Doug Fields spoke on "Ministry Envy" which was good for me to hear.
  • "Our critical comments are a mask for envy"
  • "When we talk about everything we are against, we lose the message of what we are for."
  • "Celebrating others is the antidote of envy"
  • "At the heart of envy is the lie that God owes you something."
I have been very impressed with the General Sessions this year. Usually I am bored by half the speakers, but this year has been hit after hit after hit.


marko said...

dude, NOT my life!

Eric Wakeling said...

sorry Marko. Today we found out the "Mark" character's wife left him so I realized that it's not your life.