Friday, October 12, 2007

In Recovery

I'm recovering well and Bea is taking very good care of me. I'm in some pain, but that is to be expected. It hurts to move very much at all.

I also passed out after going to the bathroom. I woke up on the ground with Bea saying, "Eric, Eric, are you ok?" She caught me so I didn't hit my head, but I have no memory of falling down. Valium and Vicodin can do some funky stuff to you. But I'm good now.

Matt Davis brought me Matzoh Ball soup today. He is a good friend. Thanks Matt!


Brooke said...

Tom recommends a large bag of frozen peas... it helps! :op

leslie walker said...

What? No photos?

a d a m said...

Glad you made it through alright. I've always though that the needle would be the worst part and you've just confirmed my worst fear.

Yeah, I'm Justin's big brother.