Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dr. Barry Corey

I heard Barry Corey speak last week at an event in Orange County for "Christian leaders" or something like that. There were about 50 people there in a small classroom at Biola's Orange County extension campus. Barry is the new President of Biola University. I thought he was an excellent communicator and was great at winning over an audience. His views on Scripture were excellent and it seems like he is just an incredibly smart, thinking man who loves God. His only flaw I saw is that he is a Red Sox fan.

He told a story about how he drove from Boston to LA with his son and they stopped at 6 Major League Baseball ballparks for games and they never ate fast food or national chain restaurants. So they only ate local food. That sounds awesome.

Also, his first day of working at Biola he came in the parking lot at 5am and got stopped by Campus Safety for rolling through one of the pointless (my description) stop signs on campus.

He also brought up his commitment to the 30 units of Bible that Biola is known for. But that didn't stop Josh Matlock from questioning him for allowing the BOLD and Torrey Honors program from not using the 30 unit requirement. While I agree with Josh, it was typical Matlock fashion to have that be the first question asked to the new president of Biola.

By the way, we just booked Dr. Corey to be our MEN'S RETREAT SPEAKER for Calvary Church coming up May 30-June 1, 2008.


Kim Tostada said...

Josh cracks me up.. I think it's great that he got straight to the point with the new Biola pres.

Brooke said...

Hey! I've got to tell Tom about that retreat! yeah!
sounds like you're fully recovered... good thing you didn't let a little thing like "searing pain" keep you from blogging :o)