Saturday, October 20, 2007

NYWC - I Cried Today

I cried today. I cried hard. God was working through Francis Chan today. Here are some highlights from the General Session with Francis Chan.
  • I have no control over any kids and their hearts and it sucks because I'm a control freak.
  • Do I really say everything Jesus tells me to say?
  • If all I had was the Bible, would I come up with my current version of church and youth ministry?
  • If I read the Bible and came to know God and then I went to my first church, what would I expect it to be like?
  • If I read the Bible and nothing else, what would I think and expect about the Holy Spirit?
  • I'm tired of reading this book and not taking it seriously.
  • If I had a friend that I beat everyday at one-on-one basketball and then he says that he met God and God filled him with His "basketball spirit." So then we play again and I expect him to be incredible. But I beat him again. What would I think about my friend. He is a liar because he isn't any different.
  • He quoted John Piper about heaven which was something like this, "If heaven was filled with all of your friends, all of the fun activities you like to do, all your family, all the leisure time you want, all the money you want, no problems, and no pain - would you be satisfied? Would you be satisfied without Christ?"
  • He asked if we have fallen out of love with Jesus. Then at the end he closed with asking his 7-year-old daughter to come up and he held her tightly and she wrapped her whole body around him. He asked us, "Does your relationship with your Heavenly Father look like this?" and he walked off the stage.
That's why I cried. I was convicted of almost all of it.


Paul said...

It's interesting - that gesture that the speaker closed with, involving his dsughter.

I think there's a relationship between the psychological and the spiritual and yet they are not the same. And that people often look to religion to serve unmet psychological needs. That can be helpful, but I think generally only up to a point or when circumstances don't become too severely adverse.

I'm in my fourteenth year of an undiagnosable progressive illness - semi bedridden, too fragile to leave the premises by any means for over four years and without access to relevant medical care. It's a great health care system...

Symptoms include widespread intractable pain from severe osteo, peripheral neuropathy, and widespread muscle contractures (permanent spasms).

My situation made the psychological/spiritual distinction very clear to me in my personal life. If I had only my personal set of psychological strengths and weaknesses to rely on I would have been dead a long time ago.

eric beeman said...

The best session of the convention by far! A part of the session that a lot of people missed was when he asked everyone to pray in the middle of his talk. He got on his knees and his daughter followed suit off stage. Tear Jerker! See my blog for a picture.