Friday, October 19, 2007

NYWC Friday Morning

It's before 6am and I'm already showered because I have to finish packing, make breakfast for Grace, tidy the house a bit, drop Ella off at a friends, and take Grace to school before meeting up with our team at 7:30am. Please be praying for my wife, Bea, this weekend. She has two kids who are getting runny noses and I'll be gone for four days. She is also supposed to play bass in this women's event at church that will probably have over 700 people. It's all kinda crazy while I'm gone. But I'm excited for the conference.

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Kim Tostada said...

Since I'm not going to be there to cuddle Victor, I guess that's gonna be your job. Of course your not me and it won't be the same but I think you'll be a good fill in for the 4 days.. :)