Friday, October 26, 2007

Update on Tim's Church

If you haven't already seen his post, click on this link to Tim's Blog to see pictures of where their sanctuary was burned and some other news. The fires in San Diego, Orange County, LA County, and the mountains are still going and it looks like we have lost lives now which is really sad. Tim and Natalie Nellis and Rancho Bernardo Baptist Church are where I have the most connection so it's where my focus is even though I am praying for everyone affected.

Tim said that he is being interviewed by 700 Club today which we both laughed about a bit last night. He has a great attitude towards this whole thing - recognizing the presence of God with him and the people of his church who lost homes. He said that World Relief is in there already helping people in need. They have a bunch of smoke removal machines in their Youth Center (it is still standing, but wet and smoky) and they will meet in there this Sunday. This is an awesome ministry opportunity for many churches in SoCal to reach out to people in need. It's been cool to see how The Church has stepped up to help people in need.

Here is a picture of the inside of Tim's church. It's awesome to see how the cross is still standing in the middle of the wreckage. There's an illustration in there somewhere.

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Kim Tostada said...

hey Eric,
Thanks for that update.. I also noticed that the cross was not burnt.. I almost said something on Tim's blog about that but I thought he obviously noticed since he took the pic and also I didn't want it to sound cheezy.. but i do think it is a neat thing.

Funny that Tim was on 700 club.. my parents watch that religiously.. I'll have to ask them if they saw that one.