Monday, July 30, 2007

Overwhelmed in Worship

I was leading worship in High School group yesterday. It was going to just be me on the acoustic guitar, but the HS staff wanted to try to have a band so we threw some drums and a bass on stage and had a couple staff guys play. It worked out pretty well, but it was funny when we were getting ready. We just did four songs.

The first set was Undignified and Oh Praise Him (Crowder). The kids just got back from camp and so they were pretty into it. They had fun with Undignified and then really started going.

Then after the message by Matt Doan about not letting their camp experience fade like the rush from an energy drink (which was great but filled with a lot of obvious "I didn't really prepare" moments like asking everyone for one thing about camp that changed them, breaking into small huddle groups, and talking about the summer theme in general terms - sorry bro, I had to call you out) we played two more songs. But the bass player was leading worship in our Elevation service the next hour and had to leave. So it was just me and Peter playing drums for Enough which was good.

Then we started to play From The Inside Out (United) and one of the students comes up on stage and just starts playing the bass - perfectly with no charts or anything. It was awesome. Then we are singing the song and I hear the kids really singing out and the words were really speaking to my heart and I suddenly and surprisingly become overwhelmed with the Spirit of God and feel tears coming and my throat tighten up. I couldn't sing and the kids just kept it going.

This was one of my most awesome worship moments ever and it was so unplanned and beautiful.


Brooke said...

WOW! How cool is that??? Love to hear about times like that. Thanks for sharing that.
Victor, Jessica & I had a pretty nice time in worship in first service- it was interesting seeing Victor do "How Great Thou Art"... def not his style but he sang it well ;o)

George said...

George said..

Such an awesome experience when the Lord does that.


Max Power said...

Cool moments, bro...

I'm a regular reader of your blog and the Worship "Guy" at Calvary Chapel Jupiter in Palm Beach County, Florida and we just finished up our first all-original worship album. The goal is simply to write songs that will be a blessing to the Church in general. Songs from the local church, for the local church.

You can listen to the whole album online at and if you think you might use any of the songs at your church, just let me know and I'll mail you a free copy. That's it - no catch... and I'm not going to show up at your church asking to play for a "love offering"!

Let me know if you're interested...

Thanks & GB,

Jeff T.