Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bumper Sticker

I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that said, "Christopher Columbus - Terrorizing America Since 1492."

It was a pretty strong statement that Europeans and European-Americans are the real terrorists in this country. I am a European American so I will use the pronoun "we" when discussing them. We are probably not so much terrorist, but more like an occupying force. I looked up websites about the bumper sticker and the people behind it are Native Americans and Mexicans who were the original occupants of America. I get their point. We come in and conquer them, put them on reservations, or push them out of the good parts of the land. Then we have the gall to get mad when others try to come into our country without following the rules.

I guess they just don't have as big of guns as we did back in the day.


Anonymous said...

I get what you're saying about people being pushed out of the "good parts" of the land, but look at coastal Mexico. Most of it is gorgeous coastline, but smells like butt and the infrastructure is crap. That's how Southern California would be right now if it weren't conquered.

Brooke said...

this is such a huge topic. What "we" did was just like what every other warring nations did- we fought for land and won. Native Mexicans want to argue that California was theirs and still consider it to be so, but if that argument stands then shouldn't Mexico belong to France, and for that matter shouldn't all conquered nations go back to their original "owners"??
when "big guns" are needed, we're the country they run to (how much aid do we give the Indians and the Mexican government?) but how they detest the same when it doesn't suit their purpose.
ok, I'm done with my rant now!!

Jason said...

What is the statute of limitations on this argument? The points are valid but does this mean that our government shouldn't have laws that pertain to those we've hurt?
Instead of terrorist, I think the better label is consumer. Americans (or do I just mean European Americans?!?) seem to take whatever they feel like. I heard we consume 50% of the world's resources, yet are only 6% of the population. I think the better question for us is why are we consuming so much? And as a Christian American, should I be consuming so much when so many are without basic things like food and clean water and education and ....