Friday, July 20, 2007

Excellent Sleep & Other Stuff

I felt guilty for trash-talking Ella too much on the blog. I have had excellent sleep the past couple of nights. Last night was the first time Ella made it 6 hours. She ate at 10:15pm and 4:15am. Not bad. So thank you Ella for the wonderful sleep. She is an awesome baby and we love her a ton.

Last night was Grace's last soccer game as part of The Pink Ladybugs. We had a pizza party at LampPost Pizza afterwards. It was pretty fun. The parents of the team bought me two $25 gift cards to iTunes and Borders. Books and Music - I love them both!! We are not going to do soccer in the Fall. Grace likes going to soccer, dressing up for soccer, playing with the girls, snack, and the tunnel after the game, but I don't think she actually likes playing soccer. So we will have her do it next summer after she is a bit older. She already does swimming and ballet so we have enough activities.

I went to Beach Boogie with our Jr Highers yesterday after speaking at Jr High on Wednesday night and it was fun. I feel like I'm finally starting to get to know some of these kids a little bit. I got sunburned on the sides of my back yesterday at the beach. It hurts pretty bad.

Alright, you probably stopped reading a couple paragraphs ago.

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Billy Chia said...

Man your daughter's lucky. Her soccer team actually has a name :)Last year my daughter's soccer team was "B8-red"
She had a blast, but she's more into gymnastics this year.