Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dinner Party for 6

Marko did this and asked others to post about the six people they would want to invite to a dinner party. This could be anyone in the world or throughout history - obviously alive or dead. If they are alive, they must be people you couldn't normally hang out with because they are too famous or something like that. I'm not going to include Jesus just because that's too obvious. This is also supposed to have a good, interesting cohesion as a group. We'll see.

Here are my six people:
1. Bono. Hands down. Easiest choice in the world. Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a psycho-fan about U2. Bono has some of the most interesting opinions about Christianity, music, and humanitarianism of anyone alive. Those are three of my favorite topics to discuss so it should be sweet.
2. Jael - the girl in the Bible that stuck a tent peg through a dude's forehead. I want to hear how that went down. Plus, it would be fun to hear her and Bono discuss war and pacifism.
3. Mario Batali - I love this guy's food and he seems like a fun guy to have dinner with so I think he would enhance any dinner party. He also would have to cook the food and bring the wine.
4. Martin Luther King Jr. This would also add to the war and peace conversation, plus the side of how we should live and act as Christians with the needs and issues that we have in the world today. Plus, he is just pretty sweet. He would have the volume and energy to keep up with Mario and Bono. Lastly, Bono would probably be intimidated by him and that would help me feel more comfortable around Bono.
5. Diedrich Bonhoeffer. I love this man's writings and they have been very inspiring for me - especially the notion of costly grace vs. cheap grace. He also led a group of Christians that tried to assassinate Hitler so he would be an interesting addition to the war and peace conversation. He could hold his own with these big guns.
6. Ryne Sandberg. He was the great hall-of-fame 2nd baseman for the Chicago Cubs and is my favorite baseball player of all time. He would be there for when I get bored of the serious war and peace conversation and I just want to ask him questions about baseball.

I love this list. I can't wait for the meal. Too bad it will never happen.

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