Friday, February 02, 2007

Two New Classes

So I'm continuing with my PhD in Educational Studies and I'm taking two classes on Thursdays. Yesterday was the first day of the semester.

1. Friendship and Community: A Context for Learning. This class should be interesting although the professor's pace was a little slow. This is the first class he has ever taught. There are six people in the class and we will be reading things like Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Life Together and about 10 other books that I will post about later.

2. Theological Foundations and Issues in Christian Education. In this class we will look at the Gospel, Sanctification, the Church, the Holy Spirit, Teaching/Learning, and a couple other theological issues that aren't coming to me right now. We will study each concept and then consider the implications for educational ministry in the church. We will write a chapter for a book in pairs on the subject assigned to us. I will be studying the church or ecclesiology. This class is being offered for the first time and should be pretty interesting. The primary text is called Integrative Theology by Demarest. We will also read a book called 5 Views on Sanctification.

More to come each week after class.

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