Sunday, February 11, 2007

Fun Dinner and Africa

So today we had our first Africa Team Meeting and it went really well. It was a bit of an information dump, but there was a lot to communicate. I told them about the Travel Warnings and they weren't freaked out or anything.

Then we had dinner at Matt and Marie Doan's house and Tim and Natalie Nellis came too. Matt is the High School Pastor at Calvary and Tim used to be an Associate in High School Ministry and is now the youth pastor at Rancho Bernardo Baptist Church. Marie is the serious Barefoot Contessa. Awesome food. The weigh-in will probably be problematic tomorrow. The creamed corn and the flourless chocolate cake with a raspberry sauce and chocolate chip ice cream were my favorites. The Spinach-Artichoke dip was delicious too. Everything looked beautiful. Such great hosts!!

Tim and Natalie took high school students to Kenya with the same organization we are going with last summer. They also just got back from a two week trip to Kenya about a week ago. They were contemplating becoming full-time missionaries there, but have decided that this is not the right time for that in their lives. They were able to tell us all about the places we would go and even had a cool video and some pictures. It made me start to get really excited about the trip, but it's also making Bea get kinda nervous. I feel bad about it, but I'm committed to taking all these people and I really feel like God wants me to do this, so what can I do? If you are in SoCal in the middle of August and you know my wife, then help keep an eye on her and our two kids!!


Kim Tostada said...

ahh poor Bea..I totally have been wondering how she's been feeling about the trip.. I will be sure to keep you guys in prayer.

Mrs. Toasty

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the kind words...Marie was honored to be mentioned in the acrobat's world.
We enjoyed breaking bread with you guys. Especially the bread that looked like tortilla chips and avocado dip.
The Kenya video is incredible...We need that at the FEAST.

One thing from Sunday, you didn't mention though: Your unexplainable outburst during Elevation. Word on the street is that you may have Tourette's.
My prediction is there will be an intervention at P-D. Stay tuned blogworld!

Victor Estrada said...

I'm gonna go ahead and agree with Matt on the Tourette's thing. We're all thinking it he's just the one who came out and said it.