Monday, February 04, 2008

XP Seminar

So tomorrow I am leaving for the XP Seminar in Dallas, Texas. It should be interesting. This is a conference just for Executive Pastors and since Michael and I just started this job we thought it might be good to learn a little bit more about it. I'm very curious of how I will "fit in" there. We'll see. I have heard that it is surprisingly younger than you might think.

I have never been to Dallas either. I want to get some Texas BBQ.

I'm also preaching this Sunday in both Celebration and Elevation so the prep should be a bit tough while on the road.


Anonymous said...

Make sure you attend the seminar given by Dr. Sue Edwards..."Mixed Ministry, Working as Brothers and Sisters in an Oversexed Society." It's conferences like these that make me wish I was an XP. Looking at the pics on the website, I think you and Michael are way under the average age. MD the CP

Timoteo said...

Dallas! I grew up there, I'm sorry you have to go there. See if there is a 'Wyatts cafateria' or a 'Black eyed Pea' around... Good eats. And if there is a Dallas Sidekicks game going on you have to check it out. It'll make you like soccer.