Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl Commercials (so far)

Best Commercial Finalists:
1. The squirrel screaming with the car coming at him and everyone else starts screaming but the car could move easily around it ws funny, but 15 minutes later I can't remember what car it was.

2. Prince Caspian trailer - I can't wait. I love that lion.

3. Fed Ex Pigeons

4. E-Trade Baby Talking

Worst Commercials:
1. Life Water lizards dancing to Thriller. Lame. Not funny.

2. Panda Sales Genie commercial - verging on racist, lame, not funny, and who cares?

Most Effective Commercial - Chevy's Hybrid campaign seemed to be the most purposeful unveiling of a new brand. The whole world now knows that they make hybrids and are doing the green thing with full gusto.


Anonymous said...

Another worst: The Budweiser dalmation/horse long, boring, drawn out, dog training a horse for work commercial. Ugh.

Whatever happened to "Dude, Wasssuuuuuupppp?" Pure genius.

Michelle said...

Ummm... I see what you're doing here... You are clearly trying to beef up the number of posts you have in order to meet your New Year's Resolution. I think that all posts having to do with the Super Bowl should count as one. =)

Max Power said...

The squirrel screaming is a TOTAL RIF-OFF of the Bud Lite commercial from several years ago where you have a bunch of guys all yelling "Wazzuuppp" at the same time. It was completely unoriginal. Ergo, it doesn't deserve your props.

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