Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Check out My New Blog

I have finally made the switch. I am blogging with a WordPress powered blog created for me by Jason Loftis. Jason is amazing. You should hire him for your web design stuff. He created our Calvary Church website with Trevor Behrns. My new blog still has a couple kinks to work out, but it already is better than this one. So please change your links over to the new one. I will be posting over there from now on.

The new address is this -

I would greatly appreciate a post on your blogs informing people of my new site.


Victor Estrada said...

thats one way to get your technorati up.

a d a m said...

your new blog is looking awesome.

i gave you some link love on my blog.

John Woods said...

eric! I found your blog and I love it! Check mine out too!

John Barry said...

ok so the new U2 album is good... really good.