Saturday, February 09, 2008

Handwritten Letters

I'm a huge fan of technology but I have been challenged lately to write more personal, handwritten letters to people. Barry Corey, the new Biola president, is super into writing personal letters on fancy paper with nice pens and writes in a Pauline way. I heard about that when there was all the drama about him being accepted as president or not. I just thought that was cool that he does that. Then I have been reading a Eugene Peterson book called, The Wisdom of Each Other, which is a series of letters he wrote to a friend. Peterson said in the forward that he will open any handwritten letter from a person. That made me think how much I agree and get excited about receiving a handwritten letter in this age of emails, blogs, texts and social networking applications. I love all those things, but a handwritten letter is special - it's personal. It's almost artistic. It also takes me time because my handwriting is so bad.

So yesterday at work I wrote a hand-written card of appreciation to a co-worker that I don't really hang out with outside of work or even at work that much. I want to start writing handwritten letters to people. I just think they are cool and special somehow. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Well, I think it's a fabulous idea. In fact, I recently did a google search to find out if they still have those pen-pal services where they match you to someone your age. I had one when I was 7 in Australia. She used to draw little hearts all over the notebook paper she was writing on. I was thinking of that the other day and it made me want one again.

Wanna be my pen pal?

chris tweedy's wife susan said...

Hi Eric, you don't know me from jack but I check your blog every once in a blue moon, and I just wanted to say I AGREE HUGELY here!!! Emails and blogs are great, but there's no substitute for a handwritten note - I think it's because it takes time... and we know that that is a precious commodity nowadays so it means an extra lot.

We live in Germany and it costs about $2.00 just to send one little card to the states so we have to weigh the money side into it. So take advantage of the cheap postage here - it's a blessing!

ps: By the way, my husband has said before that he thinks you're so gifted at teaching and really enjoys it when you teach. It would be a bit too far of a commute for us to come hear you though.... =)

Happy handwriting!

kru clan said...

yep, i like the handwritten note too. they're memorable.

Eric Wakeling said...

Thanks Susan. See you soon at Mission's Conference.
Walsh's - thanks for reading and commenting. I will comment on your blog.

Anonymous said...

note to Susan... there is always Podcasts! Eric is a great teacher and you can enjoy him this way, too.
This post was especially meaningful to me since i was recently the recipent of a wonderful hand-written note from a co-worker. It was unexpected but could not have come at a more perfect time. It really made me feel appreciated.
;) Susie S