Monday, December 10, 2007

Church Security

Did you realize that New Life Church heard about the YWAM shootings and beefed up their security? They had an armed security guard on the premises who was the person that shot and killed the gunman who had killed the church-goers. They said they had a plan for this kind of thing.

Right now my prayers are with the families who lost loved ones. But this is such an interesting question - should churches have armed security guards? Maybe just high profile churches? It's also crazy to think that a paid church "employee" shot and killed someone? I know that this security guard saved tons of lives and I'm not saying we shouldn't protect ourselves, but it's just an odd thing to think about - church staff with guns.

7 comments: said...

Hey, E.

Some crazy thoughts regarding this incident! The gal who shot and killed the gun was a volunteer who was an officer for 15 years. What an amazing blessing that God put her there at the right time! My prayers are with that entire congregation and for the family that lost their two daughters!

eric beeman said...

Our Church is only 300 people. We have 2 people who have volunteered to "pack" and keep their eyes open each Sunday... especially around the holiday seasons and at special events.

I think it's totally appropriate considering the times that we're living in. I don't suspect that it's going to be getting any better.

Melissa Brosch said...

I am conflicted about this one. I am so deeply thankful that the officer protected hundreds of lives by taking down the shooter. It makes practical sense to "pack heat" in this day and age, but something about it makes me feel uncomfortable. It is totally one of those "what would Jesus do?" questions for me. I have a hard time picturing Jesus Christ with a gun. I don't know that I have an answer, but I personally would feel more comfortable carrying a tazer or something that didn't kill.

Brooke said...

wild... Specially since I'm sitting here at church, late Monday night to pick up my boys from karate- its dark and kinda scary and I saw someone sitting in the far corner of the parking lot in their car... It makes you wonder, huh??
what's the best course of action??

Brooke said...

b.t.w.- the person sitting in their car in the corner of the parking lot all hunkered down and everything creeped me out but only because of what just happened.
It was a young girl, probably just waiting for someone- it did seem odd that she was waiting all the way out there but whatever.
when we would leave church at 12:30am because of the play rehearsals, it sure was creepy. but i suppose a shooter who wants to take a pop at some Christians wouldn't be waiting in the dark in the middle of the night to do so... lol
CONGRATS on your new appointment, by the way!!!

No ammo for Wakebird said...

As long as it's not you they let hold the gun, I think it's a good plan.

Hisservant said...

"What would Jesus do?" He would protect His people. In Luke 22:36-38 He told His disciples to carry a sword (the best and most effective form of personal protection available in that day).