Sunday, December 30, 2007

Best TV Shows of 2007 (That I've Seen)

The Best:
1. The Office - This show is smart, funny, and weird. The best part is that it's almost always "funny cause it's true."

2. The Unit - I get made fun of because of how much I like this show. I hate most the parts about the lives of the wives, but the missions they do are the coolest on TV. The missions are better than any 24 episode.

3. The Soup - this show is on "E" on Friday nights and is hilarious. Joel McHale, the host, has the best comedic timing of anyone. The clips of shows from the week are sidesplittingly funny. I also love that they don't redo the takes when he messes up.

4. 30 Rock - the writing and the guest stars are awesome on this show. I love Alec Baldwin in comedic roles. My favorite scene is when you have Alec Baldwin in a tuxedo and someone says, "Why are you so dressed up?" He replies, "It's after 5pm. What am I? A farmer?" Classic.

5. CSI, CSI NY, Law & Order SVU - these are all pretty much the same show to me and I love them all.

6. Scrubs - laugh out loud funny.

The Way Down (disappointments):
1. Man vs. Wild - why does he have to be a faker? Bear Grylls is so much more entertaining than the Survivorman guy.
2. 24 - they need to do something new this year or this show is finished.
3. Lost - I love this show but it has been so long since I have seen it that I don't even remember it. They are going to need a refresher episode.
4. Survivor - will it ever end? We used to love this show but it's just boring now.


Michelle said...

Sometimes I wish I had the job of sitting around watching daytime television looking for funny clips for the Soup. I hope those people know how awesome their job is!

Anonymous said...

I see that America's Next Top Model isn't on the list...the entire list is instantly null and void due to your lack of ANTM support.
PS I totally agree with Michelle.BEA

Max Power said...

Dude - haven't you figured out yet that "LOST" is so complex that they do a refresher episode at the beginning of each season AND halfway through the season!

Have seen the new trailer? I'm in love with the show all over again. You have to wait for the best things in life...

Eric Wakeling said...

I have seen the trailer and it did pump me up. I think I was just feeling cheeky when I wrote that post.