Monday, December 31, 2007

Best Sports Stories of 2007

1. The Anaheim Ducks win the Stanley Cup!! See my post here.

2. UCLA fires Karl Dorrel - read my request for his ousting on September 15 here.

3. The Angels sign Torii Hunter. We didn't get the big bat yet, but this will help.

4. Joey Chestnut beating Kobayashi in the Hot Dog eating contest. USA! USA! USA!

5. Stanford beating USC. They say this could possibly be the greatest upset of all time because of the implications for USC. I love when USC has implications.

6. The Comeback Season for Brett Favre - I can't help but love the guy, plus he was on my Fantasy Team this year.

7. The Patriots go 16-0. Wow! You love to hate them, but they are pretty amazing.


Anonymous said...

What about the story about the guy that the Freshmen of some midwest school come and pick up for every football and basketball game because he has cerbral palsy or something like that? Those are the stories that are interesting.
Or what about Rick Riley leaving SL. I think he would be very disappointed in your list no to mention a little hurt that you left him out.

Jennie said...

Hi Eric...I always enjoy reading your blog whenever I remember to do so - thanks for being such a consistent and insightful blogger! I couldn't help but comment on this list, though, since your priorities seem to be a little off - Stanford's win over SC should be #2 at the very least. Go Card!