Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Vacation Bible School is pretty awesome at our church. There ends up being around 1,300 people here each day including leaders and kids. It's wild! I have a sweet job. I am basically the M.C. during the Opening and Closing General Sessions when all the kids are gathered in the Worship Center. My job is to transition and get people pumped up!!
I stayed up too late last night getting my new iMac all dialed in and transferring stuff from the MacBook over to the iMac. I'm loving that I have 250gb of hard drive on the new iMac. SO MUCH SPACE! But now I'm supposed to be getting kids pumped up and I haven't had coffee and I stayed up too late! I think a run to The Lost Bean is in order to make the Closing Session any good.
Our High School kids are so awesome to watch running the Games & Recreation part of VBS. They have totally taken ownership of it and I'm so proud of them. Our students from all three levels are being great leaders in up-front and behind-the-scenes ways. That's the best part of VBS for me.


Laura Marie said...

You're doing a great job getting people pumped up! I actually had to take a break from screaming in closing session today because I was starting to go hoarse from all the yelling!

Too bad about that Tug of War Competition. How come you backed out of dying your hair? :)

Eric Wakeling said...

I never agreed to dye my hair. That was all Matt.

Melissa Brosch said...

Eric, thanks for all your hard work at VBS. I know its been tough for you....20 minutes at the beginning of the day...20 minutes at the end of the day. Get some rest this weekend buddy. :)