Sunday, August 05, 2007

Preaching Text-Fessional

I don't feel like making a video confessional and Victor was talking about worship text-fessionals on his blog so I liked the idea. Plus, I only watch people's videos about half the time.

I enjoyed this morning in the Elevation service at Calvary Church very much. We were talking about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in our Lost in Translation series. This is a recurring series where we have a small amount of messages on an area of God, theology, or Scripture than tend to get confused or "Lost in Translation." I won't get into details of my points here, but the key thing is that we are baptized "in the Holy Spirit" at conversion and we are all baptized "into the Body of Christ" (1 Corinthians 12:13). So we are radically changed for a purpose - to serve others as a member of the body.

I felt a good connection and energy in the room. I think I was communicating pretty clearly and with a good dynamic of speaking strong with conviction and then conversationally talking as well. Something I talked about was believing what is already true about ourself - that we have the Holy Spirit within us and we are new creations. I could have explained more about how we can believe that even when life is hard or when we still sin, etc.

We had a cool response station where people came up and dipped a cloth into dye to represent spirit baptism and then they placed that dyed cloth onto a larger canvas which represented the body of Christ. Everybody seemed pretty into it. Anna Gold and Nicole Gniffke helped make it happen. Here's a picture of it from my phone.

Victor and the band did a great job. As much as I give that guy a hard time and my job is to keep pushing him to continue to grow, he has the most rich, easy to sing with, beautiful voice of any worship leader I know. (Did I just say beautiful???). Victor - you are really good at what you do! Keep giving God the glory, but I love you man.


Victor Estrada said...

aww dang... you think I'm beautiful? I KNEW IT!!! Thanks though for the kind words and for the encouragement.

Brooke said...

awesome Sunday eric , I Loved that canvas... My boys liked it too. Check out my blog - I took a picture of you preaching!

Melissa Brosch said...

Okay seriously you know I mostly just love making fun of you, but you got me on this one. Sunday was awesome. I connected with your message a ton.

LOVED the word study stuff. I love knowing that I am a pickle. And it was a little shorter than normal and I've heard a bunch of people say that they liked the timing.

Great job friend.

Anonymous said...

what can i say!.. i couldnt finish of read ur blog , but i`ll do it later... but i would like to say that i liked to found it... am a little upset with God... i dont know if that is possible.. but .. i just dont feel him here .. inside of me.. like i used to!!!... i would like to tell u more abouit .. maybe later.. i would like u to help me found God in myself like old times.. i dont talk with him. weeks ago.. and i miss him!!!
mi mail is
i really like to talk to u!!! =)
will be nicee!!!
c ya! soon!