Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Punch

This was so fun. It was intended to just be a fake hit for a picture, but then I just got so into my role that I actually punched Victor pretty hard in the face. Victor has a "caption contest" for it on his blog - it's on my list of blogs on the right. I'm still trying to remember how to link stuff. Too lazy to look right now. The Wonderful Noise.

Don't you think that sometimes the worship guy just deserves it?

The Punch


Victor said...

That freakin' hurt too!!! Just goes to show you.... You can't trust what Pastors say!!!

I still love you Wakebird.... but you don't rock as much as before.

ashdown said...

i think pastors need the punch more than the worship guy!

Eric Wakeling said...

I knew you guys would love the "worship guy" comment. hee hee