Friday, December 22, 2006

Home Cookin'

During the whole move process we ate take-out for almost every meal for a couple weeks. Today I went to the grocery store and got our refrigerator all stocked up and bought some food. I cooked a killer dinner tonight and it will get better tomorrow before we head off to other homes for the Christmas meals.

Dinner tonight - Chicken breast stuffed with fresh mozarella and basil and cooked in Pinot Noir resting on a small bed of spaghetti and marinara sauce with roasted asparagus cooked in balsamic vinegar and parmagiano reggiano.
Breakfast tomorrow - Either waffles or swedish pancakes.
Lunch tomorrow - I love buying sandwich meat at the deli counter. I got some Honey Roasted Turkey, Roast Beef, and Muenster cheese for some killer sandwiches.
Dinner tomorrow - I bought a four bone, bone-in ribe-eye roast. We will have that with mashed potatoes, yorkshire pudding, and green beans.

I can't wait. Home cooked food is the best. Any favorite home cooked meals?


ashdown said...

pork shoulder. duh.

victor said...

Dang... that sounds good. Kim and I are home cookers too. It's just so much better.... except when you're exhausted.

aca said...

we have the home...will you do the cooking?