Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Jesus is My Homeboy...errr...HERO!!

So I'm preaching in a one-service Sunday on December 31st at my church which means that both the Celebration and Elevation services meet together as one. Victor is leading worship and I'm speaking so it will be sort of a Elevation hosts the church kinda thing with stations and all that jazz. I'm preaching on Revelation 1:12-18 where Jesus is described by John. John describes him with these things:
A. Long Robe and Golden Sash - to signify a kingly priest
B. White Head and Hair like wool and snow - pure and eternal
C. Blazing Eyes like fire - all searching, judging, penetrating
D. Feet like burning bronze - judgment - bare feet were required by priests before offering at the bronze altar
E. Voice like Many Waters - powerful
F. Stars in His Right Hand - controls the angels and churches
G. Sword in His Mouth - The Word converts and convicts
H. Face like the Sun - Greek gods were portrayed as suns or shining like suns, God is taking that back. This was at the transfiguration too.

That God is intense, powerful, majestic, strong, and freaking AWESOME!! We don't pray to the baby Jesus or to some weaksauce Jesus. He is our friend, but not our homeboy. He rules!!

John fell on his face as if dead. I say we worship like that.

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Victor said...

Hey, your forwarding started working already!!! Yeah, and you're my hero. Now you owe me five bucks for saying that in public.

- Vic