Friday, December 29, 2006

Life out of Nothing

I know this kind of image can be a bit over-used in Christian circles, but I still love the imagery. My life has felt pretty desolate at times, even recent times, and I know that God has been bringing life out of that crappiness, but I feel like this image helps me see how God makes something new even in the midst of our brokenness, emptyness, and hurt. This whole pregnancy feels like such a huge blessing of God allowing life to blossom after a period where we truly felt like it could never happen. God broke us and re-shaped us through that trial and then decided to bless us after the lesson was learned. It almost showed me how much more He is in control through the blessing. I thought I had Him figured out near the end of the trial. "Oh, God wanted to teach me patience, surrender, expectation, and worship. That's why we can't have a baby." Then, BOOM, God shows He is stil in control by giving us the blessing we wanted all along. I didn't expect that.

green plant in black sand

Thanks to Aaron LeBrun for the photo.

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