Saturday, December 30, 2006

D-Day is Coming

I'm starting the diet again on January 2. I'm kind of dreading it, but I need it. If you are a few lbs too heavy, you should try Weight Watchers. It helped me drop 25 pounds last year and will hopefully help me drop the 10 or so that I need to drop now.

Fake eggs, carrot sticks, sugar-free syrup, Subway 6-inch Turkey sandwiches, WW desserts, and turkey bacon - Here I Come!!


victor said...

Man, I should totally do that with you. I need to lose my gut so I can fit in my speedoos again

ashdown said...

bro - i am needing to as well - jan 2 it is then.

Eric Wakeling said...

I love it. The boys are all on a diet!! haha
You should do the PDA version. That's what made it best for me.

Anonymous said...

Eric - I need an address - your christmas card came back - loser : )