Friday, April 21, 2006


I'm going insane with my thesis that was due two weeks ago. I'm frustrated because I did all this primary research and now I'm analyzing and sorting the data into these lame frequency tables that are so FREAKING BORING to do. I'm learning a lot about Excel and how to make tables. Pretty cool stuff. Sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm. My paper is on transitions between age-stage ministries and the quantitative research is basically going to "prove" that it's hard to transition kids from JH to HS to College. Then all the qualitative research will give ways to help them feel more comfortable, provide program, relationships, etc. Then I think of a bunch of witty ideas to make transitioning easier. So anyway, it sucks. I'm also presenting all of the research and my "witty ideas" at the CMTA (formerly GLASS) conference on May 6 so I gotta get it done soon. I'm also supposed to graduate May 28. I hope I can. eeeek.

Anyways, I'm also going to be driving to Puerto Vallarta on Tuesday with my parents. That's really far.

I'm reading Simply Christian by N.T. Wright right now. So far so good. More to come.

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Kevin said...


Good to see you are back. I would love to chat about your research - I am a student ministry advocate who never has learned enough!