Saturday, April 22, 2006

Spin and Smoking

We saw the movie, Thank You For Smoking, tonight and it was very thought provoking while being pretty funny. Spin is such an interesting and captivating thing. I found myself loving the character who was spinning and smiling and eloquently fontificating on the benefits of smoking and why smoking isn't bad for you and all of these things. What really got me was in the car when Bea said, "It's movies like this that make me think the whole world is spin." Everyone is trying to spin for their product or their government or their religion. And that's when I got a little bit sick. Religion and spin. All religions do it. Christianity does it. We do it at my church. Nobody is being bad, but I think we just need to learn to tell the truth. The whole truth. We believe in the truth of it, not the spin version. Don't we? Their is a deep and sometimes painful cost to following Christ. Their is peace and contentment, but we are pretty much betting the farm on this whole thing right. It better not be spin. Why do we feel the constant need to make church pretty and attractive and not make the cross too offensive. It's really offensive. There are some things that God says about sinners (all of us) and those that don't believe that are gnarly. The Bible is rated R and even NC17 a lot of the time. How should we spin that? How do you spin David with a necklace of foreskins after he massacred his enemies? How do you spin that we do believe a lot of things by faith? How do you spin the sweet and bitter pill of grace and that we really don't earn any forgiveness by ourselves? Because you know you wish you could. We don't spin. We speak truth. We are truthtellers. The truth as we read it and know it in our bones. The truth of love and justice and beauty and pain and unfairness and forgiveness and sin and sin some more and mean people and friendship and betrayal. It's all there. Just tell it like you see it. That's better than a fake smile and some easy religion.

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