Saturday, November 10, 2007

Still at ASF, Wanna Join Me?

I'm still volunteering at AIDS Services Foundation (ASF). It's such an interesting place that is doing so much good to help people who are suffering from a horrible disease and who also are low-income/poverty level. The people who work at ASF only have their image of God-ness that is within all humans to motivate them to help those afflicted with HIV/AIDS. It continues to be fascinating in a tragic sort of way that more Christians aren't volunteering at this place and helping to make an impact in a part of the world that needs Christ so badly.

We all have parts of the world that we are called to impact. I don't like when people say that "everyone" should help in something. I have friends who have an Orphan Care Ministry, friends who work at a homeless shelter, friends who work with inner city kids, and friends who build playgrounds across the world. All these are good. A pet peeve of mine is when someone claims that their ministry is the most worthwhile. So that's not what I mean.

What I mean is this: If you feel called to make an impact in the world for Christ, do something. Anything. Just don't sit around and watch TV and that's it. I love my TV shows, but I feel the need to get out there. If you feel called to impact a place that isn't comfortable with the message of Jesus and has people who are poor, sick, and lost, then come join me at ASF.

Click here to volunteer with the Orange County AIDS Services Foundation.

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