Sunday, November 04, 2007

So far, So good

It's been a good day so far. I was pretty nervous about today. I didn't feel as prepared for preaching in Elevation and teaching at our staff meeting than I would have liked to be. But I got to church really early this morning and spent about two hours tightening things up and finishing some stuff that I couldn't get done during the week with all the meetings I was in.

I thought Elevation was amazing today. We talked about 2 Samuel 6 which is the passage where David dances in an "undignified" way before the Lord. I felt like I was really able to "preach it" today and I enjoyed being on stage. There were tearful moments, funny moments, and "gospel preacher" moments. Until I listen to it I'm not sure how my clarity, flow, or delivery was, but I like that the crowd (and myself) were laughing, crying, clapping, and passionately worshiping.

It was a strange morning in a vocabulary sense. Victor said from stage that he felt like he was "on crack" because he was so hyper. Then Dave quoted a lady from the fire relief crew that said "Does it look like I know what the hell I'm doing?" I actually liked it.

Then the staff meeting with a seminar on how to do youth counseling went really well. I'm proud that we are equipping our staff with how to minister to their kids. I was a little disappointed that only about 60% of our staff was there. It must have been the Patriots/Colts game. They should have DVR'd it like I did. I'm watching it now. 4 minutes left with the Colts winning 20-17. GO COLTS!! Hold on.


be_a_Mary said...

It was an awesome game!!

And you did a great job speaking! I loved the analogy of cheering at an Angels game for Vlade. I think most everyone could relate to how absurd it is that we'll jump and scream and get excited for Vlade but we hold back with the Living God. Fantastic.

Cathy said...

Elevation WAS amazing! We all loved it. When Victor made the "crack" comment I couldn't believe my ears! I thought he really said something else, but you are now confirming it was "crack". Oy vey!

Staff meeting was great too. Too bad I couldn't get out what I was trying to say to you in my question, which was "I care too much about these stupid kids, and I think about them all the time, and it's killing me emotionally to care so much about them!" I think you got that. It's heartbreaking what they go through. Thanks for all the prep. It was very helpful.

Kim Tostada said...

Anyone who knows Victor well at all won't be surprised by the crack comment.. It cracked me up to hear that he was being himself up in front of all those people. I love that man!