Sunday, September 23, 2007

Why I'm Like Michael Scott

It's kinda frightening but I'm realizing that I'm more like Michael Scott from The Office than I would like to think. I don't think that I'm racist or sexist or homophobic like "The World's Best Boss" but I have my ways that are similar.

1. I like to play in the office a lot.
2. I knock the phone out of my staff's ear sometimes and I have no idea if the conversation is serious.
3. I have a supply of "poppers," those little balls that explode on stuff when you throw them at things. I like to take them and throw them at people in the office every once in a while.
4. I want to be liked by my staff and I would call all of them friends and some good friends.
5. I'm sad when people don't like me.
6. Bea just bought me the same "World's Best Boss" mug that Michael Scott has on his desk. He bought his mug for himself. For me, my wife bought it. Neither one of has had a staff member buy it for him.
7. I know that "Boss's Day" is coming soon and I really hope they do something for me this year. Isn't that pathetic?
8. Michael Scott has Dwight Schrute that really wants to impress the boss all the time and is pretty weird. That clearly is Matt Doan.
9. When I need a break from preaching preparation study or computer stuff I will just walk around the office looking for someone who will talk to me.
10. I made something called "The Wheel of Lunch" which was from an old "Wheel of Fortune" wheel we had for games, but we replaced the money spaces with restaurant names for choosing lunch spots. I will post more about this later.
11. I hate policy and bureaucracy the same way that Michael Scott does. Except I don't hate our HR people the way that Michael hates his.

Which "The Office" character do you think you are and why?
Have you seen these Michael Scott traits in me?


behrns said...

According to this quiz, I'm like Jim.

Then again, the quiz is pretty lame.

Matt Doan said...

To be compared
with Dwight Schute
might be the most awesome
thing that has ever happened
to me in my pitiful existence.

Victor Estrada said...

I kinda resent the fact that Doan got the Schrute nod. That's gonna cost you 10 Vic bucks!!!

Kim Tostada said...

For sure a Pam.. I like to play jokes on people ... I used to have a hard time speaking my mind but I'm getting much better at it..

By the way, i really enjoyed this post.. it gave me a good laugh.

Victor Estrada said...

Actually, now that I think of it... if you're Michael then I'm Ryan. Why? Three words... GIANT MAN CRUSH

jibby said...

I can definately relate to the knocking phones out of people's hands when their talking on the - you've done that to me. You didn't list hitting people over the head with large objects and that was your favorite thing to do to me.

Bea said...

I'm okay with this analogy as long as I am not Jan.

Eric Wakeling said...

Bea - you will always be my neurotic crazy Jan. I love you.

Jolinda reminded me of that back at Ocean Hills. That was fun to take this huge stick and pester her with it while she was on the phone. I also used to play a lot of video games and ping pong while working at Ocean Hills. Those were the days.

Also, just yesterday, Matt Doan (Dwight) was looking for me and I hid under my desk. I can't shake the Michael Scott in me.

Finally, you should have seen Doan's reaction in real life to being called Dwight Schrute. He was bummed and it was awesome!!

tam said...

As far as bosses go you're pretty alright Eric...I can't believe your staff didn't think to buy you the mug. You have a much better laugh than Michael Scott but definately have some of his quirkiness. I think I can relate to Stanley, I love the way he just rolls his eyes!

Randy Harris said...

I just want to be your toby.