Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Back and normal

I'm back from my two trips. Of course I didn't take a camera. I also received the approval to turn in my thesis for binding and final signatures. I will do that today so that's a huge relief off my back.

The drive to Puerto Vallarta was of course long and tiring, but it was interesting to see everything between here and there. You go from the sandy desert of Tucson, Arizona to the lush, tropics of Pacific mainland Mexico near Puerto Vallarta. We drove through a hundred miles of Mango tree groves and a hundred miles of corn fields. Old men riding two-wheeled carts behind donkeys crossing bridges and vaqueros herding cows or horses were an inspiring sight to see. The time with my parents was good too. They are safe and settled and their place is beautiful.

Hume was Hume. Beautiful, relaxing, and fun with our team.


Tostada said...

normal? in your dreams birdman

ashdown said...

so are you ever going to post again? we are coming back to cali from july 4 - july 15. dont be a jerk again and not call me back. maybe you could cook some good ol pork shoulder for the nc kids...yeah???

miss ya bro

Tostada said...

This is for you.... Click Here NOW!!!

ashdown said...

cell: 832-671-8514